Why should I use sleeves for my cards?

We suggest using board game sleeves for protection against wear, tear and sticky fingers. Board games, unlike some other forms of entertainment, are social experiences played in person. The pieces are often at the mercy of spilled drinks and snacks. Sleeves protect your cards so that you can play again and again. Plastic pieces are forgiving and can be cleaned but cardboard degrades surprisingly fast.

What’s the difference between Original and Non-Glare sleeves?

Most sleeves are made from clear polypropylene which shows the cards to their best advantage. Non-Glare sleeves were developed to help the readability of the cards under harsh or direct light. Other than that, both kinds of sleeves offer the same levels of protection and come in the same sizes. Original Board Game Sleeves provide a nice glossy, slick texture that makes for a traditional shuffling experience and feel. It’s ultimately up to your preference and play style.

Now that I have sleeved my cards in Non-Glare sleeves, they won’t fit in the box inserts. What do I do?

Some games present their contents in beautifully designed inserts while others give you plenty of space for expansions and home-made solutions. Whichever game you have, we advise that you pack your sleeved cards in a fitting box or bag – and forego the popular rubber band solution, as that will mark the sleeves. Our Non-Glare sleeves are already packed in a handy storage box.

You don’t seem to carry the exact size I need for my board game. What do I do?

Unfortunately, there are many thousands of board games available, with new ones being published every day. Some adhere to standards established by older, classic games while many others have other design considerations that dictate the shape and sizes of the cards. It’s simply an impossible task to accommodate every kind of game card out there. The short answer here is just to get the sleeves that match the best and, if you have a steady hand, cut them to size with a sharp pair of scissors.

What does 80µ mean, and why should I care?

That is the Greek symbol for “my” which denotes thousandths of a millimeter. It refers to the thickness of the plastic and is generally used as a marker of quality and durability of the sleeve. Of course, thinner sleeves can also be of great quality but they feel more flimsy where as thicker sleeves can get too bulky. We find that 80 my is a great place to be for board game sleeves.

Your website says no “acid” or “PVC.” Can these sleeves hurt me? Do some actually have acid-acid in them?

Our sleeves are made from polypropylene (PP) which is completely safe for you and your cards. It contains no acidic-based softeners, substances often found in PVC and other materials. Over time these chemicals can travel to neighbouring materials (the cardboard) and effectively bleach them. Always make sure your sleeves are acid free.

Where can I see which sleeve I need for which game?

Check out this handy chart: http://cdn1.boardgamesleeves.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/BGS-size-visual-guide.pdf

Where can I buy Board Game Sleeves?

Board Game Sleeves are available across the world in hobby retailer shops and in some online shops.

Are you… Dragon Shield?

No. Board Game Sleeves and Dragon Shield, our popular trading card game sleeve and accessory brand, are both owned by Arcane Tinmen but are technically separate brands.

Where is Arcane Tinmen based?

Arcane Tinmen is headquartered in beautiful Denmark.

Are Board Game Sleeves the same quality as Dragon Shield? Why or why not? What’s the difference?

Dragon Shield sleeves are made to withstand more abuse, in the form of constant shuffling and re-sleeving, than board game sleeves are expected to handle. Thus they are thicker and sturdier than the slimmer Board Game Sleeve.

How long will these sleeves last?

With care, forever. Realistically though, a game heavily used will also see eventual wear on the sleeves. Sleeves can be carefully washed with moist cloth (remember to remove the cards first!).